Personality Edit

Stuck up and arrogant, the viscount was a complete imbecile. The viscount thought that he could boss anyone around just because he was a noble without even bothering to consider the actual capability of his forces.

Story Edit

Viscount Mestre was in the midst of a war with a neighboring baron. The viscount and his men had intended to raid a small village, but they returned empty handed. As they were on their way back to the castle, however, they saw the northbound convoy and the viscount tried to make up for his loss by demanding for a toll fee to be paid. The viscount, led more than 20 knights to the convoy and said that they would attack the convoy should they not leave ten percent of whatever they had as toll. He also mentioned that his castle and the rest of his forces was only 30 kilometers away at a lake nearby.

Terman led the knight brigade on a charge, the viscount’s men either turned back to escape or got off their horses to surrender, leaving the viscount himself staring in disbelief as Terman and his knights took all 27 of the viscount’s men prisoner.

The viscount was instantly strapped onto the hollow rotor on the orders of Charade. Reidy had him go through more than ten minutes of the excruciating vertigo-inducing experience, after which the viscount was let go. He then answered every single question Lorist’s group had with tears and snot all over his face.

“Milord, did you forget? Two days ago,

The convoy threatened that if the Viscount's men did not surrender and let them in the castle, they would have the viscount hanged. They had no choice but to comply for the sake of his life and surrendered without resistance. They used the fact that they were the army of the Norton Family and complained that the viscount delayed their journey and also caused them to suffer a blow to their morale. They demanded that they pay them back for their losses. But, the viscount's family didn’t have many gold coins left. They then consumed all the livestock within the castle and took every single thing within it, not leaving even a single piece of cloth behind and also dismantled all the doors and took it with them. They gathered everyone in the castle and Charade asked all of them whether they wanted to leave with their group. The viscount's butler refused and they instantly stripped him naked and left him there while the others followed them.  They only left the butler with two sacks after he desperately pleaded. He had only managed to find a porcelain bowl after two days of searching.

The viscount awoke two days later, the find everything and everyone gone, except for his butler, who explained what happened.

The Bocchi Family’s men came to attack them, however, Charade took away the castle gates as well. During the past two days, the butler only managed to build a wall of rocks to shut the entrance of the castle.