When Tim found out Lorist was going to give the Burdock Bastide to him unconditionally, he quickly met up with a few stronghold leaders and sold 1300 gold Fordes’ worth of weapons to them which he had obtained from Charade for only 1000 gold Fordes. After that, he sent somebody to instruct Knight Gemors to move the people and resources under him to the bastide before returning to Lorist’s side after all of that was accomplished. He understood that the longer he spent time with Lorist, the more benefits he would get.

He had decided to aid Tim the best he could so that he would have someone to reach out to should he need anything done in the Redlis Kingdom.

Between Viscount Tebri’s territory and Burdock Bastide is Baron Anlar’s territory. Even though all the male descendants of the Anlar Family had all been killed off by the count, Lorist managed to rescue his only daughter from the duke manor. He decided to let Tim take her as his wife so that you will be able to absorb Baron Anlar’s territory and unite it with that of Viscount Tebri as well as Burdock Bastide.

Lorist found the deeds for the lands of Viscount Tebri, Baron Anlar and the bastide in the duke manor. With these documents, he would also be able to have the neighboring nobles recognize Tim as the legitimate successor of Viscount Tebri so that he would have no problems ascending into the noble peerage.

Infrastructure Edit

There is a corner of the viscount’s dominion near the shores a port was built . And the eastern part of the viscount’s dominion that is near Baron Anlar’s dominion has flat lands and forests which are ideal for agricultural development. Given that Tim used to manage the viscount’s farms, he had a good idea on what to do with these places. With the port built, Tim would be able to stimulate the dominion’s economy. Coupled with the yearly harvest from the farms, he would also be able to sustain his own dominion’s food demand and hold firm to his citizens’ support by providing them with peaceful, sustainable lives.

In Baron Anlar’s dominion, the many hills and forests there allowed him to make quite a bit of money from the lumber and building material as these resources were rather highly demanded on the market. Coupled with the port at the viscount’s territory, he no longer had to worry about not having enough funds to run or develop the dominion. If he had a large seafaring ship, he would also be able to transport these raw materials to Morante City for them to be sold there. He contacted a merchant guild over there right now to establish a maritime trade route so that their ships can come over to your dominion to do business. Even after considering the commission he had to pay them, he would still make quite a bit from the exchange. He aslo had someone forage the baron’s dominion to see if there are any other natural resources that could be exploited.

As for Burdock Bastide, which used to be Count Cobry’s dominion, it used to be well-developed with a substantial population living there, so he did not need to use too much resources on this place to profit from it. The economy of the bastide would make you enough money to sustain a garrison regiment. His only focus would be to rebuild and develop the baron’s and the viscount’s territories. Naturally, he had to be wary of other threats during times of war like these. He constructed five citadels at these places and station each of them with a squad of garrison troops. That would be more than sufficient to ensure the safety of your combined territories.

The key to successfully developing land is manpower and finances. Tim did not have to worry too much about manpower as Charade had discussed with Lorist that apart from the prisoners of the laborer camp, they would have the rest of the people who are not willing to go to the Northlands with them settle down in Tim's territory. Given that the number of people isn’t a small one, Charade was sure that as long as Tim utilized them properly, he would be able to quickly make his dominion prosper. Other than that, Tim could also start looking for people to serve as his family knights so that the elites of the disbanded pike cavalrymen and garrison soldiers don’t leave his dominion to join other nobles.

Charade gave Timfour suggestions in total. First, he should set the tax rate for the produce to 70% for normal citizens and give farmland to the family members of the garrison troops for free and only collect 40% from them to encourage people to enlist without needing to spend too much money on their salary. He believed that it would easily be enough for TIm to form two garrison regiments with that plan given the amount of undeveloped or ravaged land he had at Baron Anlar and Viscount Tebri’s dominions.

Second, Charade promised that when the convoy departs for the Northlands, the supplies they wouldn’t be able to bring with them would be left at Geldos City and given to Tim for him to use to develop his dominion.

Third, Charade would be willing to sell the weapons and equipment he had at a very low profit to help lessen Tim’s financial burden of having to arm his garrison troops.

Lastly, Charade said that he could help Tim get into contact with the Peterson Merchant Guild to start a collaboration between them to develop Tim’s dominion to make up for Tim’s lack of funds.

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The Norton Family Edit

Even though Lorist was going to the Northlands, he made sure that Tim's three dominions would be properly stabilized first so that you will be an influential noble in the lands of the Redlis Kingdom and the Norton Family would definitely be able to benefit from having a powerful ally here. As long as it concerns Tim's dominion, they would not brush it off lightly. Thankful, Tim pledged that he would never forget the grace the Norton Family had bestowed upon him and that he would never refuse any request for help from the Nortons in the future.