Reidy Gezeizidorf



Two Star Iron rank

Personality Edit

He has a hard working attitude and abundance of energy.

He lived all his life in the rural village and played around in the forest a lot. Coupled with his carefree parents, he developed a stubborn and wild personality and will not stop after he set his mind on something.

While he is wild and stubborn, he’s not that bad and gives it his best when he works.

Appearance Edit

Reidy has a rather nice physique. He was only 16 and yet he looks so well-built and tall. Most would have thought that he was 20 if they weren’t told of his age beforehand. Blonde hair, straight nose and clear eyes, his looks are actually pretty decent.

Background Edit

Back when the mercenary group disbanded, a Silver ranked member who was a good pal of Charlando prepared to return to his homeland in the Romon Empire. Before he left, he expressed his hope that the descendants of his comrades would one day take up the banner of the mercenary group again.  

After returning to his rural village, that Silver Swordsman joined the garrison there and settled down two years later and birthed a son, Reidy. 

Reidy used to play around in the mountains and forests a lot when he was small. One time when he accidentally knocked on a bees’ nest and naturally, they started swarming around him. He was so scared and started swinging a branch around and managed to kill quite a few of them, but he got stung by many more and had sores all over my body and only managed to recover after a month. Because of that incident, he had developed a phobia of sorts.

Just two years before the start of the storyline, an epidemic broke out in the village and Reidy's mother passed away, followed by his father who held on for half a year. At his deathbed, he instructed his son to go to find Charlando in Morante City to join the mercenary group.

While it would only take less than half a month to go to Morante City from his village by way of a carriage, the son wasn’t aware of it and traveled for half a year on foot all the way and begged when he ran out of money for food and slept outdoors in the wilderness for the whole of the journey. It was already quite a feat that he wasn’t captured by slave traders for the whole time.

Story Edit

Charlando met a beggar from the Romon Empire who revealed that he was the son of that comrade from the Romon Empire, Reidy. Upon further questioning, Charlando got to know about the death of his comrade just the year before. Having heard the arduous journey that the child of his comrade had experienced, Charlando let out a stream of tears and treated him with utmost care and even told Els to regard him as his own brother. After learning that the mercenary group would no longer be formed, however, Reidy flipped out and refused to join Els’s group. Troubled, Charlando could only send that child to school only to receive a notice that he had been expelled as a result of beating up all his classmates.

He was expelled from three elementary academies. Sadly, Charlando and Els hoped that he would be able to apply for a place at Dawn Academy after a year of the elementary course. Charlando asked him what he would like to study. He only said that he wanted to learn the ways of the sword and become a mercenary one day to venture about on the continent.

Els requested that Lorist let Reidy follow him around and teach him some moves whenever he could. Treating him as his personal attendant if he liked.

The main reason he had came to Morante City was to join a mercenary group. But for some reason, it had morphed into a syndicate instead and he have no intention of hanging with the likes of them. He already have no other relatives so he was free to go wherever he wanted, including following Lorist along, so other people’s objections didn't matter.

Abilities Edit

Before, he used to learn swordsmanship from his father. When he came over to Morante City, he also got some lessons from Charlando. When he was only practicing normal sword moves, he would perform without a problem. However, when he start sparring with someone, the moment he see the flash of a sword, he would unconsciously be reminded of the shiny tails of the bees that have given me so much grief and uncontrollably close his eyes and swing my sword around randomly. At that point, he had already forgotten all the techniques he knew. His father and Charlando both came to the conclusion that he wasn’t swordsman material.

Reidy was already a Two Star Bronze fighter at the age of sixteen and has a really large build that made him look almost twenty. He had was pretty well built and rather good stamina. Given his innate strength, you’d think that he would be a talent worth cultivating. But in actuality, he was pretty slow and would forget a move he was taught within ten minutes. The way he swings his sword around was like a crazed barbarian.

When he first started to train with Lorist, he discovered that bad habit of Reidy's and asked him patiently about the reason that made him develop that habit. He told Lorist about the incident with the bees and Lorist said that it has caused a phobia to develop within his psyche which causes him to unconsciously close my eyes every time he felt like he was in danger. He said it was an ‘ostrich mentality.'

He was treated by Lorist using a hollow rotor and spinning chair. Lorist had someone make the hollow rotor and the spinning chair. All his life he had never experienced something that dreadful. It took him almost two whole months to be able to get used to the sensation. After that, Lorist said he was successfully treated and put some honey all over my body before releasing a couple of bees for him to strike down with his sword. At first, he was horrified at the notion. But when the bees came at me that time, he suddenly noticed that they approached very slowly. He could even see every flap of their wings clearly and managed to easily kill each and every one of them.

The ability he developed was called dynamic vision which allowed him to perceive fast moving objects at a slowed rate when he focused. He could now see each and every one of his opponent's sword strikes clearly and could parry every single one of them without breaking much of a sweat, thus allowing a Bronze rank like me to match up to a Three Star Iron rank like Patt.

Reidy training regimen includes the eight-fundamental sword moves.

Reidy killed a Silver ranked mercenary on the battlefield. It's was his first time defeating someone of a higher rank.

Reidy reach the Two Star Iron rank while in Delamock Province. Lorist hoped that he would be able to break through to the Silver rank in another two years.

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