Norton Lorist / Locke

Nickname: Silver Undefeated

Mercenary Rank: Iron Ranked Mercenary Veteran

Battle Force: Three Star Iron rank

Manual: high class Blazing Battle Force technique

Manual past life: Aquametal Ki Technique (chapter 5)

He likes to use a short sword to his belt buckle and a long one on his back. he slot two daggers into his boots and a mini-crossbow on his left arm.

Special Skill: Dynamic vision.

Lorist had already become one of Morante City’s most well-known personalities with his moniker being Iron Locke the Silver Undefeated, a proud dual Gold ranked instructor with an Iron ranked Battle Force. 

Story Edit

As for the aftermath of the duels, Lorist finally secured his title as the Silver Undefeated the moment he got his 3000th win. When the dueling event was finally over, the academy administration had Lorist’s physical proportions measured for the life-sized statue they were going to commission for him. Starting from the next semester, his statue will be erected within the academy, forever immortalizing the legend of Iron Locke the Silver Undefeated.

He was brought into a conflict with Count Corby and decided to avenge his Third Uncle and the rest of the merchant convoy after he had found out the truth about the count’s involvement in the incident years prior.

After killing of the count and all his illegitimate sons at Geldos City, he departure from the main convoy with Shadekampf, Patt and several others to make it in time for the inheritance ceremony, which led to their extermination of a group of bandits at the border of the Andinaq Kingdom and the formation of another convoy followed by their return to the dominion, during which they discovered the construction site at the valley in Morgan Hills and occupied it. He also had the captured family members who were being forced to work at the mines by the Kenmayses, rescued.

Abilities Edit

Lorist took up accounting and knight training as his additional professional courses. This was chosen ten years ago by his uncle who also handled all of his family’s business affairs. His uncle thought that learning accounting would benefit Lorist even if he doesn’t end up inheriting the title of the family head as he can always inherit his position as the head of the family’s trading group.

As for knight training, that was chosen because his family had a glorious military history and considered martial prowess paragon. Lorist also showed tremendous talent as he had awakened his Battle Force at the young age of 14. Had it not been for the grave error he committed in the past, he would not have been exiled to Morante City by his father. Being exiled meant not being able to receive the traditional knight training of his family. At that time, Lorist’s uncle thought that it was not good for Lorist to not have any training in this field and chose knight training as the other professional course he had to take.

A month after his enrollment, due to his overbearing arrogance, Lorist had got into some trouble with several other students and ended up beaten to the brink of death. It was at that time that another consciousness took over young Lorist’s body. Because of that, Lorist only took one year to complete the accounting course since to the current Lorist, the subject was merely some crude, simple arithmetic on the level of mathematics classes taught to fourth or fifth graders back in his previous life.

However, the current Lorist had some initial trouble with his knight training. Had it not been for his already fit body, he would’ve suffered quite a bit during the arduous three years of the course. He had to start of as a squire of other knights and carry out many miscellaneous tasks for his seniors as well as manage their armors and take care of their horses on top of attending his own physical exercise and training sessions in the skills of a knight. After three years of bitter training, he finally obtained his pass for the course.

Despite all that, he could only become a knight apprentice, unlike his other course mates. That was due to his Iron ranked Battle Force. Only Silver Swordsmen could become full-fledged knights.

That being said, the main cause for his stunted Battle Force training was due to a mishap in the cultivation of the Norton family’s Blazing Battle Force. Ever since inheriting the memories of the original owner of the body, he knew that he was in possession of a hand-copied version of the Blazing Battle Force manual that only allowed him to train up to the Three Star Iron rank. At that time, his Battle Force had just recently been awakened and it would take him a few more years to reach the Three Star Iron rank, so he wasn’t in a hurry to obtain the rest of the manual.

Battle Force training was very much different from the Ki-refining techniques he had encountered in his previous life. He was forced to train the Aquametal Technique passed down in his family by his grandfather at the young age of seven back then. Battle Force training, however, did not start until one reached the age of 15 or 16; one could not awaken one’s Battle Force at too young an age when the pulse wasn’t strong enough to agitate the magical beast factors present in the blood.

It was primarily the fault of the knight training course instructors back in the Dawn Academy who always said that knights should be brave and courageous during a charge and that using a bow is an act of cowardice. That had caused Lorist to neglect archery training almost entirely to the point that he could only use javelins to attack enemies at a distance.

Ever since he broke into the Dark stage, his senses have become so sharpened that he could easily detect the presence of any living being that was even as small as a rat, not to say much about a human, within a radius of one or two meters. A beating heart and the circulation of blood are like a bright light shining in the dark night that easily catches Lorist’s attention.

Equipment Edit

Lorist used a lot of money and precious materials to make his two swords. For example, each Metal-eater Rat teeth that was among the materials of the swords cost one small silver each. Lorist had spent almost ten gold Fordes on nearly a thousand of them and used them to increase the hardness of his swords so that it would be strong enough to be able to withstand strikes from blade glows without prior infusion of any Battle Force. His friends all knew that even though his swords didn’t look fancy or amazing, the cost involved in their making greatly exceeded that of most other priceless weapons.

Relationships Edit

Lovers Edit

  • Nico Telesti: Lorist honestly felt that Telesti was a great candidate for being the wife of him, the baron of the Norton Family. While she wasn't among the ranks of the most stunning beauties in Grindia, she definitely looked quite pleasant with her decent figure and fair skin. The most important point of hers that Lorist admired was her wise and knowledgeable aura that fit Lorist's tastes. Moreover, Telesti was unlike most other noble ladies who only knew how to dress up and demand to be spoiled; she was also a scholar. Just like a certain saying in Lorist's previous life, while Telesti could definitely progress far in her life by relying on her looks, she didn't do that and instead focused on her studies and research. Her independent and headstrong personality was what attracted Lorist the most. As he spent time with her, Lorist knew that she felt some attraction for him, given that she tolerates his insolent acts like hugging and kissing her once in awhile. Even though it always ended with her being mad, it was more of a kneejerk reaction due to her being too ashamed to admit her hidden desires. She wasn't willing to renounce the oath she made to stay single and strive only for truth and knowledge. That was also a rather troublesome issue for Lorist. He was quite frustrated that she would take that kind of inhumane oath out of all other oaths that could be made. After much time Locke was able to subdue her maidenhood, however, after failing to take her as a wife, settled with her becoming his lover.

Subordinates Edit

  • Shadekampf: Lorist's personal attendant. The young Lorist was rather haughty and bossed Shadekampf around quite a lot.
  • Grei Potterfang: Lorist deemed Potterfang as someone worthy of respect, due to his mastery of eight basic swordsmanship moves.
  • Patt: Patt was Lorist's rival from the days of his childhood. When the both of them met, they always broke into a fight and one of them always went home crying. If they meet on the next day, the whole cycle would begin all over again. After both of them had met after such a long time, a feeling of intimacy and nostalgia sparked between them instead.
  • Grei Potterfang (Pog): Lorist had Potterfang  address him as Locke. To Lorist, the moment he fought alongside him as a comrade, he had already become his friend. And friends don’t speak so formally among one another. Potterfang then had Lorist address him as Pog, the nickname his comrades in the army used to call him.
  • Brennan Evanport (Els): After two encounters, Lorist was left with a deep impression of Els being a bringer of bad luck in his heart. Lorist made a mental note to be on guard lest he get wrapped up in any more troublesome business. It was only after that incident with the Ground Wyrm when Lorist changed his impression of Els. Following that, they went on more missions together and eventually their friendship developed to a point where they could talk about almost anything.
  • Zelan Ovidis: Lorist felt that the bearded bandit leader was a pretty interesting fellow and even considered him to be one of his loyal subordinates early on. Technically speaking, Ovidis could still be considered to be Lorist's prisoner and 'property' and he didn't have any personal freedom. The captives also included the former bandits who were currently serving within the guard squad. However, ever since Ovidis started following Lorist, he had won Lorist’s trust with his efforts and sincerity. And performed rather well. Lorist then promoted him to a family knight.
  • Pesha: Apart from his father, the one he most hated was that red-haired girl who frequently took his elder brother away from him and followed him around all day. Once, he curiously tugged on that girl’s red ponytail and ended up getting pummeled very harshly as a result.
  • Boris: Lorist's opinion of that old butler was a good one in that he was a capable person that handled most of what he was instructed without trouble and was a talent in human resource management and administration. The only flaw he had was that he was extremely fearful for his own life. If the opposite was the case, there was no way that he would surrender to Lorist's forces so easily and work so earnestly for him in the first place. After Lorist's return, despite knowing that Shadekampf was Lorist’s personal attendant, her act of giving him a slap signified a huge disregard for the authority of the family leader. She was used to behaving as she liked in the family, thought Lorist, enraged, as he decided that he would definitely put her into place and see if she would dare to piss him off in the future as a mere Two Star Silver rank.

Friends/Allies Edit

  • Count Kenmays: Lorist himself found the relationship between his family and the Kenmays’s to be rather weird. Even though they had made peace between one another, the Kenmays Family no doubt lost quite a bit from their interactions with the Norton Family and they should secretly feel hateful of that. And given that the Norton Family profited quite a bit off the Kenmays’s, they should also be rather varying of them. The two families should only be friendly on the surface. However, the more Lorist interacted with Count Kenmays, the better friends they became, to the point that they could tell one another anything down to the most private matters. Lorist felt that there was no way he could truly hate the count even if their families were to be on hostile terms.

Enemies Edit

  • Krissen Iblia (Second Prince): The Second Prince had no good intentions for the Norton Family. So, Lorist was very straightforward in his attitude towards him: no matter what he desires from him, he would refuse it. Lorist was still bearing a grudge for the fact that he abandoned the family after the death of his elder brother who had served him and the Norton Family had drawn a clear line to not want to be involved with him any further.

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