the Family of the Roaring Raging Bear.

After inheriting the barony, Lorist announced the castle defense unit of the bastide will undergo a reorganization. The current members of the unit were mostly veteran family soldiers who were in their late thirties to forties. Some of them had even returned to service after their retirement as the Norton’s had lost quite a lot of their men during the stormy years that had passed. Lorist wished to recruit around 120 people from the bastide aged between 16 to 25 and promised that he would help them awaken their Battle Force within a time span of three months to six months. Lorist then ordered Patt to oversee the recruitment and training of the new unit.

When Lorist went to attack Wildnorth Town. He had 500 new recruits from the laborers at Firmrock Castle recently which was almost enough to form a company of troops. Coupled with the existing three guard and defense squads which numbered around 600 plus troops with the company of guard troops at Maplewoods Bastide as well as the 150 plus laborers at Poplar Coast who had just joined the family's forces, he had around 1200 soldiers at his disposal. And that figure didn't even include the 80 plus mercenaries stationed at the coast as well as Lorist, Josk, Patt, Reidy and the rest.

After the knighthood competition 29 wandering knights were willing to serve the Norton Family military force in hopes of being promoted to family knights one day after gaining some achievement. If Lorist did not add the criteria for them to be good at archery, they would not have accepted so many of them. There were 17 of them who were still Iron ranked and they had just received their knight badges not long ago. Originally, they just wanted to watch the competitions, but upon discovering that the archery competition didn't have a Battle Force requirement, they joined immediately. They were quite good with the bow and arrow and recruited them right away.

Personnel Edit

Knights Edit

  • Josk
  • Waxima
  • Ovidis
  • Pajik
  • Patt
  • Jim
  • Paulobins
  • Reidy
  • Belnick
  • Pesha

Officers Edit

  • Hansk
  • Kedan
  • Spiel
  • Butler Boris
  • Shadekampf
  • Grandmaster Sid

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