Lamboway, a knight of the Felim Family.

Appearance Edit

He was first seen wearing a black bullhorn helmet and a black chain mail. On his chest was a silver insignia of a pegasus which was spreading its wings in flight. The knight was mounted on a chestnut green Northlander Horse and his hand held a riding lance.

Background Edit

Knight Lamboway, has obtained victory for three consecutive Weiss Cup tournaments and was given the moniker of the Lion Cub Knight by Duke Pupadra himself. He has also attended the Minasevic Battle and more than ten famous knights have fallen to defeat before the mighty hooves his mount.

Story Edit

He challenged the Norton Family, to a duel. Ending in his defeat at he hands of Ovidis.

Abilities Edit

He is a Two Star Silver ranked knight.

In terms of technique, Knight Lamboway was far more practiced than Ovidis and his years of arduous training showed during the battle. However, Ovidis had more real world fighting experience on the battlefield and he attacked in a more savage way. Sometimes, he would even be willing to take Lamboway's strikes just so he could land a square hit onto him. That self-harming way of fighting quickly put Lamboway at a disadvantage as he had to withdraw his hands and feet as he parried Ovidis's strikes. Lamboway was eventually forced into a defensive position.