Located: North from Morates City

current time: the day that lorist arrived from the Relics Islands (chapter 1)

The empire had already began to tear itself up since the start of the power struggle between the three princes for the throne of the late Krissen Emperor six years ago.

Krissen Empire had been enemies with the Forde Trade Union for more than a century, during which at least three major conflicts erupted between the two powers.

Forde Trade Union / Krissen Empire treaty

There are three main clauses. First, the empire is to be partitioned into three kingdoms and seven grand duchies. In other words, the Krissen Empire has ceased to exist and there will no longer be any northern invasions. Secondly, the stability and security of the trade routes are to be maintained and taxes will remain the same for all nations, regardless of whether they are kingdoms or duchies. Additionally, the subsidiaries of the trade union shall be allowed to conduct business freely in any territory. The third clause states that the trade union is to give loans to the seven nations with different interest rates ranging from 13 to 70 percent depending on the nation.


Norton (Norton meant raging bear in the ancient language of the fairies)

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