"I, Jim, am willing to pledge my loyalty to the Norton Family and follow milord Lorist from now on. I will carry out my duties to shield the honor of the Norton Family Knights. I am willing to become the sword of Lord Lorist and fight until my last breath under the banner of the Raging Bear."

Razoraxe Jim

Two Star Silver ranked

The former co-leader of a mercenary group, along with Hausky.

Appearance Edit

A blonde bearded mercenary.

Background Edit

His mercenary group had been hired by Viscount Kenmays less than two months before Lorist's arrival.

Story Edit

Jim had followed Lorist along for quite some time. Even though he behaved like a mercenary now and then, his loyalty, hardworking attitude and bravery stood out more than the others. Hence, Lorist promoted him to family knight.

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Two-Handed Axe

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