The Kenmays Family’s insignia depicts three gold rings.

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The head bought barbarian slaves some time ago. He treated them like important people and gave them whatever they wanted. He started relations with the mountain barbarians of the Magical Dragon Mountains and trade with them. He could even hire some of their troops for the family's own ends as well. He promised the barbarian slaves that as long as they can satisfy his requests, they will be able to continue to live their lives in luxury. With their aid, he believed the barbarians of the Magical Dragon Mountains would become a new source of wealth for the family.

Viscount Kenmays’s men had taken over the Norton Family mines and went to attack the bastide of the Norton Family. However, they’ve lost tens of people and failed to conquer the bastide after besieging for up to half a month. After that, the viscount withdrew his troops and started the construction of a fort. 

If they continued their plan to force the Norton Family to submit and develop the Morgan Hills, then their route outside the Northlands would be within the grasps of Duke Loggins and he would continue to suck out the blood and wealth of our family like a leech. However, if they took over and developed the eastern Northlands instead, they would be able to construct a new metal bridge across Metropoulos River to link the eastern Northlands to the outside world. As a result, their family would no longer have to rely on that duke's Hendliff Suspension Bridge and hand a part of their profits to him. Based on these reasons, focusing their efforts on the eastern Northlands would be the most optimal route for their family to take.

It is worth noting that while Lorist was busy settling down the 500000 citizens within the dominion and making all those development plans, the Kenmays Family didn't slack off either. They had also planned to develop the eastern Northlands. Ten plus other noble families had also been drawn into the plan whether they agreed or not, with the 7 who had resisted exterminated and the rest who knew what was better for them or didn't have the ability to rebel signing the agreement to cooperate with the plan that effectively handed their territory for the Kenmays Family to manage while they only had to wait for the profit to roll in to support their lavish lifestyle.

To summarize, the Kenmays Family had taken full control of the eastern Northlands, causing even the Second Prince to be unable to do anything about it apart from accepting the reality of the situation, however unwilling he was to do so. Additionally, by pressuring the Second Prince with their wealth, the Kenmays Family got elevated from the status of a viscount to a count by the Second Prince during the noble gathering that had occurred during the 5th month with the reason of that promotion being their contribution to improve the connectivity of the Northlands to the outside world by building the metal suspension bridge. Naturally, with the promotion in rank, the Kenmays Family officially gained control of Count Lopez's dominion as well, thus completing the grasp of control of the Kenmayses on the eastern Northlands. They paid 120000 gold Fordes so that we would be able to rule over the dominion of Count Lopez legally as well as get promoted to the rank of a count. 

One of the biggest gains of the family's conquest of the eastern Northlands was a gold mine. Before this, the smaller noble families mined the gold there privately and we've taken over and started proper mining operations. Each year's output is estimated to be around 20000 plus gold Fordes' worth.  

Military Edit

The Kenmays Family had spent quite some money at the royal capital to form a 2000 men unit over there which is mostly comprised of retired military officers and soldiers and they're also rather well-armed.

 500 people, a quarter of their forces were wiped out within one afternoon.

89 wandering knights joined the side of Viscount Kenmays and entered his brigade.   

The Second Prince intended to form the First Army of the Iblia Kingdom at Duke Loggins's dominion that will number around 56000 soldiers. To avoid being pressured by the Second Prince into giving him more money when the time comes, the Kenmays had also decided to form a force numbering 30000 soldiers to make sure that the eastern Northlands will be free from the Second Prince's influence.

The moment the Second Prince made his move, the eastern Northlands would face assault from both sides. The iron suspension bridge built by the Kenmays was linked to the Wild Husbandry Province that was controlled by Duke Fisablen. In other words, they had also gained another potential enemy as a consequence of building the bridge. That's why they decided to spare no effort in forming a reliable force and equip it as well as they could regardless of the price so that they could ensure the survival of their family. 

The only two iron refineries within the Iblia Kingdom were controlled by the Second Prince, so it was very hard for the equipment that was produced there to make their way into the hands of noble families like them. The Northlands lacked metal the most and only the Norton Family could supply their force with decent equipment. Count Kenmays stayed at Firmrock Castle for five whole days, with each day being round after round of sharp-tongued bargaining with Charade. In the end, the total price was settled at 1.8 million gold Fordes. The agreement stated that the Norton Family must provide the Kenmays Family with 33000 sets of metal armor and weapons including 143 military grade ballistas. The Kenmays Family would pay the Norton Family 500000 gold Fordes in cash with the outstanding balance being paid with food and other resources of equal value.

They mostly have heavy-armored infantry only proficient at defense and interception. 

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