Hansk, the finance supervisor of the Norton Family. He is in charge of the accounts and budget planning of the family’s spending. The main supervisor of the house's census department, Hansk, was appointed to be the new governor of Silowas.

Appearance Edit

A middle-aged man with a receding hairline.

Story Edit

He was sent to help Telesti with the construction project at Firmrock Castle.

After Lorist was entitled Duke of the Northlands, the house entitled twelve barons included supervisors Hansk, Spiel, and Kedan as well. They were the three household supervisors from Maplewoods. They were finally rewarded for their years of service, service that stretched back to even before Lorist inherited his position as head of the household, and their contribution over those years. 

Abilities Edit

Hansk, is well-versed with inventory and supply management.