Dawn Academy was situated at the western part of the Academy Sector. It offered courses in multiple disciplines and was ranked the fifth among twenty or so academies in Morante City and ninth among all the academies on the Grindia Continent.

One had to wear one’s Battle Force badge in order to enter the academy. Aside from that, professors, teaching staff and students all have their own respective badges that must be worn at all times within the premises.

A multidisciplinary academy with more than 153 years of history, the Dawn Academy wasn’t famous for their Battle Force or swordsmanship courses. Most other schools that ranked above them usually had a Blademaster in charge for the two courses.

The Dawn Academy insists that all students choose two other professional disciplines and one arts course besides their main Battle Force and swordsmanship courses or they will not be allowed to graduate.




City Management

Business Management

Knight Training


Ship Building


Leather Tanning

Renowned courses


Archaeology – Archaeology dealt with the distinguishing and handling of artifacts found in ruins and was concerned with determining the purpose and worth of such artifacts.

Language Studies - Language studies was one of the hardest, given that the languages of the fairies, dragons, gremlins that the magi used were said to contain mystical power and people without magical affinity could not truly grasp the language; even if someone did manage to learn a couple of words, he would only be able to make similar sounds but be unable to reproduce the archaic power contained within each word.


Magical Beast Studies.


Music Composition

Ruin Exploration – refers to the research and study of the architecture and the purpose of buildings left behind from the age of magic as well as the means to excavate such ruins with as much care as possible to avoid damaging the ruins.

Course specially designed for descendants of noble families

Flower appreciation


Dual Elite Course

Every three years, the Dawn Academy has special training session for the students who excelled in both Battle Force and swordsmanship. Regarded as one of the most difficult courses offered by the academy.

Dawn Academy’s Entrance

There is a statue of Loria, The Dawn Goddess, represented by a girl who looked about twelve to thirteen years old slaying a gigantic dragon with a jeweled sword at the entrance.

The entrance of the academy had no gates or doors. It only consisted of the statue and a boulevard that led straight into the academy.

Ø  Dawn Academy’s Plaza

It is located at the end of the boulevard.

Ø  Dawn Academy’s Enforcement Department

A white stone building near the plaza. Originally, it was a defense outpost, but in recent times it has been used as an office for the Enforcement Department as well as the Department of Student Affairs.

It has a troop of black uniformed swordsmen.

The head is Deathly Miser Charade.

Ø  Department of Student Affairs

Ø  Dawn Academy’s Main Lecture Building

its design was like the form of a large bird spreading its wings, with both of the “wings” enclosing a central plaza; it looked like a bird that was embracing the central area. The main hall had five floors that served as the main offices for instructors of the various disciplines taught in the academy. The other two wings only had four floors which comprised 80 classrooms altogether and could fit up to 4000 students in total at any given time.

To the right of the plaza was a small forest which was an ideal place for training and even romantic rendezvous.

To the left of the plaza between the wings was the office for the Enforcement Department as well as the Department of Student Affairs.

Ø  Small Forest

A small forest which was an ideal place for training and even romantic rendezvous.

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