A 31-year-old Gold ranked mercenary who has quite a reputation in the northwestern parts of the Redlis Kingdom.

Appearance Edit

A tall, big-built man.

Background Edit

He was orphaned from a young age and was raised by a kind female neighbor. When he grew up, he eventually married the neighbor’s daughter who gave birth to a pair of twins soon after. When the count’s pike cavalrymen raided his town, they broke into his home and ended up killing the woman who had raised him. In a fit of rage, he killed almost 20 of the pike cavalrymen but was later subdued by two Gold ranked illegitimate sons of the count who took his wife and kids hostage. Ever since, Count Cobry has waited for Freiyar to submit and serve him, but he never accepted the offer and has remained locked up.

Even though he was their prisoner, Freiyar was even more arrogant and bossy than the warden himself. He was the true leader within the prison camp. Even when a few of the guards were beaten up quite severely by him, the warden didn’t bother to take any action; he was satisfied as long as he didn’t attempt to escape. If it was not for his blind wife and his twins, he would’ve killed his way to the count for revenge long ago.

Relationships Edit

  • Josk: Freiyar and Josk met two years ago, before Count Cobry’s demise, during the martial arts competition at Kessads Castle.

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