Brennan Charlando / Old Char

The boss of the Red Grace Inn, A thin and tall old man with glum face

Battle Force: One Star Gold Swordsman

Appearance Edit

While Charlando is a 60 year old man, he was a pretty good man who was still in decent physical shape given his abilities as a Gold ranked swordsman.

Story Edit

He proposed to Louise, and she agreed, becoming the female owner of the Red Grace Inn.

Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Norton Lorist: Lorist had only met Charlando twice, with their first meeting even ending up in them fighting. However, Charlando found him to be a person of good character, given how he foolishly protected that thieving woman that one time due to his sense of justice. He also didn’t resist the pummeling of the crowd of common folk the other time and would rather endure their blows than risk accidentally injuring them. People like that were rare and even asked Els to learn from his behavior.

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