Battle Force

On the Grindia Continent, one’s Battle Force and swordsmanship represented one’s strength. The four different ranks of Battle Force included Bronze, Iron, Silver and Gold, which are further divided into three sub-levels for each rank. Beyond that was the level of Blademasters and Sword Saints.

Bronze Battle Force

Bronze Battle Force gave one a slightly buffed look and greatly increased one’s strength, agility and endurance when it circulated through one’s body.

Iron Battle Force

Iron Battle Force mainly focused on the protection of the body. For example, it can be used to fortify the hands, causing them to radiate a faint glow and have the toughness of iron, greatly increasing their defensive capabilities multiple times more than that of an average person’s.

Silver ranked Battle Force

Silver ranked Battle Force excelled at the attacking aspect. Silver Swordsmen can project their Battle Force onto their weapons and make them emit various forms of sword glows, with the length of the glow indicating the Star rank of the swordsman.

Gold ranked Battle Force

As for Gold ranked Battle Forcethey can gather their Battle Force to execute ranged attacks.


Blademasters could project their Battle Force onto anything from flowers to blades of grass and use them as invincible divine weapons to eradicate their enemies.

Sword Saints

Sword Saints, however, were more like legends. Not much was known about them, though it was said that they can utilize something along the lines of a “domain”. There were only about four or five known Sword Saints on the Grindia continent. Nations which had the backing of a Saint had incredibly stable foundations. That’s why these Sword Saints were kept hidden from the masses and were shrouded in mystery and enigma.

Sword Gods

Sword Gods are supposed to be extinct on the Grindia continent and there is no information about them.

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